Love radio and hate ambiguity over the country of your birth? Philips have the DAB set for you. Perfectly timed for the Olympics and the oncoming Jubilee (I’m assuming of course you are based in the UK otherwise the timing is terrible), the Philips DAB FM radio is emblazoned with the other, other red white and blue (the stars and stripes and tricolour got there earlier).

As you’d expect DAB provides a clear and crackle-free radio experience, although you can get your FM on if you miss “tuning in”. Like most DAB radios you can can stations and store presets (20). There’s also a large backlit LCD display so you can get the shipping forecast or book at bedtime with ease.

You’ll need 6 AA batteries to take this party on the go and there’s a stereo headphone jack if you want to keep Woman’s Hour to yourself.

The DAB Radio will be on sale from May from Amazon with a RRP of £50.