“Be afraid. Be very afraid. And then buy one of our widgets”.

This basic pattern peppers anywhere between 60%-70% of press releases that make their way to my eyes and was the thrust of the alert I read this morning for DUSK and PEBBLE, two personal safety devices for the festival season (incidentaly dusk & pebbly where amazing on the Pyramid stage at last year’s Glastonbury).

The PEBBLE personal safety alarm’s keyring attachment can be threaded through a sleeping bag zip for easy accessibility in case of emergency in the early hours of the morning, keeping you safe in your tent.

The DUSK personal safety alarm hangs from the outside of a bag or belt loop and, when activated by pulling the chain, emits an ear-piercing woman’s scream (thier oddly specific words not mine), drawing attention (as it’s a woman’s scream obviously. “Did you hear that scream?” “Yes but it’s sounded male – probably just a guy suddenly finding another guy attractive and having a brief moment of existential angst about his sexuality”), disorientating the attacker and giving precious seconds to make an escape.

ila PEBBLE RRP £9.99 ▫ ila DUSK RRP £15

DUSK and PEBBLE available at Cotswold Outdoor stores nationwide
PEBBLE available at: iwantoneofthose.com
Full range available at: handpickedcollection.com