I’ve played with GoPro cameras before – mostly chasing breathlessly after freerunners and capoeiristas trying to capture their magic on camera. I’ve also strapped one to the side of bike and hurtled through the streets of London (there’s some pretty spectacular footage of me crashing just by St. Paul’s cathedral). But I’ve never taken one to the pool. UNTIL NOW. Sorry I accidently hit the caps lock. Until now.

GoPro, have launched the Dive Housing, a secure underwater filming attachment that features a large, flat glass lens that allows for maximum photo and video sharpness underwater in all resolutions.

If you dive, snorkel or recreate Nirvana album covers, this is the attachment for you and it’s waterproof to 197ft / 60m.

The Dive Housing is compatible with all HD HERO cameras, GoPro mounts and accessories. Included items: waterproof Dive Housing, protective lens cap, tether string and assorted mounting hardware.

It is now available for order at GoPro’s Online Store, specialty retailers around the world, Sport Chalet and Best Buy for MSRP £49.99