KarotzI don’t like copying and pasting directly from press-releases but I loved the line:

It is the third generation of the multipurpose, internet-connected rabbits which first launched in 2005 as Nabaztag

Obviously this was an email about Karotz, a robotic companion that makes Facebook a little more fun to use. Launched earlier in the US, and spreading to Europe now, Karotz can record and post status updates as an audio file, text or photo directly to your Facebook wall (there’s a built in web-cam and microphone). If you are the sort of person who has always dreamed of having a rabbit secretary, jotting down your musings and sharing them to your friends and family, Karotz is for you (and congratulations on dreaming big and winning).

Apparently friends will also be able to take control of your Karotz via the Facebook app to communicate with you by sending messages and audio files.