It ain’t easy being a dedicated camera these days. More and more smartphones are being rammed with high-end image processing software, and budget DSLRs are getting cheaper and cheaper leaving the humble point and shoot somewhere between a rock and a hard place. So what do you do when you’re in a pinch? Rather than going the way of Kodak and Olympus, Samsung have tried to innovate their way out of a dilemma – which can be seen in their new WB100.

The WB100 packs a lot of versatility into a tiny body. There’s a 26x Optical High Zoom lens and 22.3mm ultra wide-angle lens so the range of shots you can capture is reassuringly wide. There’s also Dual Image Stabilisation (OIS + DIS) that can cut down on shakeycam side effects (it’s highly unlikely that you’d be packing a tripod and carrying on of these).

If you want to get into the moving image game there’s also 720/30p HD video recording and rounding out the feature set are 3D photo capture and Live Panorama Mode, which bring 3D images and panoramic views to life.

The WB100 is available in Black or Red.