When they’re not busy making cool quad-copters or the most stylish headphones known to man, Parrot make clever wireless systems for cars and they’ve returned for their first love with the Parrot MINIKIT Neo. The Parrot MINIKIT Neo isn’t just innovative with capitalisation and typography. There’s some cool technology in there too.

The ultra-compact, voice controlled portable hands-free kit allows you to manage phone calls, emails or SMS from the comfort of your car and has a dedicated smartphone app so you can customise your user experience.

There’s an integrated holder that lets you pop the MINIKIT Neo on the sun visor, which should help keep your eyes on the road. Rather having to hit any buttons you can get up and running simply by saying “MINIKIT” and the name of whomever you wish to cool and you can take or block calls simply by saying Accept or Reject, bringing a little bit of the USS Enterprise to your Honda Civic.

There’s all sorts of clever tech crammed into the MINIKIT Neo – NFC which enables a connection with a phone simply through touch, to a vibration sensor that automatically switches the device on when you enter the car and off when you leave it. The battery can last up to 6 months in standby mode and has 10 hours of talk time.

You can also listen to and compose emails just using your voice. The iOS and Android app is filled with useful additional functionality such as a parking meter reminder, driving time reminder and a find-my-car function with the last GPS position of the kit stored.

The Parrot MINIKIT Neo is available from September 2012 for £79.99