The portable bluetooth speaker market is booming (pun fully intended), and there’s an incredible range out there from the affordable Droid speaker to the high-end Jawbone Jambox speakers.

Coming in at the affordable end is the SoundWave SW50 a new Bluetooth speaker phone in a intriging conical shape that is surprisingly stylish (I’ve had one on my desk for a day and people keep picking it up and toying with it).

As with all Bluetooh speakers pairing is effortless. There’s also a battery status indicator so you know when to plug the mini-USB port and charge.

How does it sound? Obviously it can’t compete with high-end Bluetooth speakers like the aforemention Jambox but the Soundwave SW50 is surprisingly loud for the price range and works well for both music and conversation. I wouldn’t crank it too high as distortion will eventually kick in but for small rooms or events it’s more than sufficient.

My favourite feature is the dedicated microphone button on the front for conference calls. Combined with the odd conical design it lets me pretend I’m in some sort of futuristic Mad Men world when I’m taking a call.

The Soundwave SW50 is £19.95 from