Sony were showing off some of their top-of-range products for the Christmas season.

The Bravia HX8 and HX7 both point to the changing ways in which we consume content, with an emphasis on connectivity and content on demand, leveraging Sony’s mammoth entertainment network. Obviously both displays have super-slim designs and “so much style that it’s wasted”.

We were also treaded to the VPL-VW1000ES which is Sony’s first 4k projector. I’m still in the process of upgrading all my DVDs to BluRay so a newer, fancier format is only begrudingly welcomed. However, I’d be the first to admit that the picture quality is stunning and takes the exclusive world of home theatre to new heights.

When people in the past thought of gadgets, it was often things like the HMZ-T1 that they had in mind. The world’s first 3D compatible Head Mounted Display looks and feels wacky and you look like a clown wearing one. However you’ll be too busy enjoying the Twin OLED displays and simulated 5.1 sound to notice all the people pointing and laughing.

For children (and adults who haven’t yet migrated to 50 Shades of Grey) the Harry Potter franchise was a magical reading experience and Sony have tried to capture this essence with the Wonderbook: Book of Spells. With new and original writing from JK Rowling this interactive PS3 game brings gaming and reading to life vai the Wonderbook peripheral and is expected to be the “must have” video game this summer.

If you don’t want to lug around a DSLR (and my aching shoulders whole-heartedly agree with you), then you should take a look at Sony’s NEX-F3 compact system camera, which packs a high-quality image sensor into a much smaller form factor, allowing for low-noise stills and full HD video.

Sony has a wide range of music docks on offer but the flexibility of the RDP-XA700iP caught my eye. Supplementing the tradional docking options there is also built-in AirPlay streaming so you can wirelessly connect your Apple devices and control the party playlist from your pocket. If you prefer Bluetooth the SRS-BTV25 is a very cool ball of sound that utilises audio diffusion technology from is compact enclosure.

The MDR-V55 are the newest in a long line of Sony DJ headphones. I bought a pair from this range in 2003 and still use them today. The over-ear cups have excellent sound isolation and can play at high volume levels without noise distortion. They also have a single sided flat cord to bring tangle free enviroment to your life behind the decks.