Due for release in early 2012, the PlexEasy PX-650US from Plextor is a convenient, stand alone optical storage device designed to allow those less familiar with computing to be able to quickly and easily back up their photos and music without the need for a computer. The PlexEasy will feature an 8x DVD writer along with a built-in SD card reader, USB port and L:CD screen, enabling users to back up their memory cards, tablets, smartphones or digital cameras without needing to plug themselves into a PC. Usefully, it can also be connected to a computer to be utilised as a fully functional writer. When used in this manner, the PlexEasy will draw power from the machine its plugged into via the supplied USB cable, but for stand-alone use you’ll need to plug it into the mains. The PlexEasy (PX-650US) UK launch is set for the first quarter of 2012 -further details on specifications, pricing, and exact availability will be announced at that time but for now you can find out more here www.plextor.com