Commuting can be a pain but with one of these nifty Razor E-300 electric scooters you’ll be able to beat those jams. Available from Boys Stuff and priced at £279.95, the Razor E-300 weighs 22.5kg and can be folded down, making it even more portable. It is powered by a rechargeable battery which is juiced up and ready to go in 12 hours, and features a removable seat should you wish to take a more leisurely approach to two-wheeled fun. While it’s not designed for use on inclines, the Razer E-300 will happily accommodate riders up to 100kg and offers a range of 9-11.5 miles per charge, equivalent to about 45 minutes run time. The seated version is only available in blue but you can save yourself a tenner by opting for the non-seated version, which is also available in silver.