The Olympics can be overwhelming in many ways. I have to visit Stratford later on today and the prospect of making what is normally a 7 minute car journey frankly daunting. And with numerous events happening at half-empty venues across the capital it can be hard to accurately keep track of everything that is going down. If you’re struggling to keep up you can either take my approach, which is to not care, or check out the new Get Your Flag out app.

When the country (or countries if you’re hedging your bets) that you’re supporting win gold, silver or bronze, Get Your Flag Out immediately alerts you by unfurling that country’s flag on your iPhone screen and playing its national anthem, giving you the chance to stand to attention and salute. Or wave it in your friends’ faces. Or if you’re physically alone you can broadcast the news across various social networking platforms.

The free app is available for download from the iTunes Store