It’s like a Rothko weather app

Solar is a cool new weather app for the iPhone that makes you a little less bummed out at seeing “chances of rain”. Like Clear – the full screen, minimalist to-do app that had all the bloggers tweeting up a storm earlier this year, Solar has an immersive interface that is pretty unique (I am aware that “one cannot have gradations of uniqueness”).

Solar is simple and uncessessary (there’s a good enough weather app bundled with all iPhones) but there’s enough care and thought in the design that makes it worth the 79p they will charge you. The full screen graphic gives you a “mood” for the weather (you can make the text disappear) and is easy to navigate with a thumb. The best feature is the ability to fast-forward as the app lets you scroll through time weather-wise.

You can also pull down to get a three-day forecast, swipe to envy the weather somewhere better, or pinch to get a four-card deck of the weather all over.

Simple, stylish and gesture-drive Solar is definitely an app worth checking out and makes you wish you could swap it for the default weather app in the notifications section of iOS.

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