Price: £19:99

Love the noise isolation and secure fit of in-ear headphones but find them uncomfortable to wear over long periods of time? Well apparently you are not alone. And whilst you can walk away happy in the knowledge that others like you exist, you may want to stick around to hear a little bit more about Cresyn, South Korea’s leading headphone retailer and it’s new half in-ear headphones.


Cresynʼs half in-ear concept is intended to give the best of both worlds – a compact design that fits snugly just outside the ear canal, intruding less within the ear and ensuring high levels of comfort even during lengthy listening sessions.

Comfort comes at a price. Fortunately in this instance it’s a very low one, taking the half-ear concept from the company’s premium brand Phaiton and bringing to the masses.

The 14.3mm driver Cresyn C415E half in-ear headphones are distributed in the UK by iHeadphones and are available in black or white, with a suggested retail price of £19.99.