Wireless music is slowly becoming the future. Airplay – when it works – is semi magical although when you get “buffering” style issues or playback problems it’s easy to get frustrated and curse Apple’s name to the very heavens. It’s very easy to get used to things “just working” and every glitch is a painful reminder of the bad old days of computing in the 80s and 90s. But with AirPlay transmitters built into most iOS devices and following Mountain Lion bringing AirPlay to lots of Macs, we’re expecting to see more AirPlay receivers hitting the market over the rest of this year.

Leading audio specialist Onkyo have released the ABX-N300 iOnly Stream, which has wireless home networking, AirPlay, and a digital dock for iPod/iPhone. There’s also in-built wireless networking so you can playback of a range of audio formats from computer or media server, including high-quality FLAC and WMA Lossless. You can also use internet radio stations and cloud streaming services.

The ABX-N300 has a direct-digital dock for iPod/iPhone, a 128 x 64-dot LCD, and dust-free touch sensor buttons mounted in the top panel. There are also two full-range bass-reflex speakers and Active Bass Control.

The Onkyo ABX-N300: is £300, available in September.