We had a play with some Braven Bluetooth wireless speakers at CU Exposed – there’s video here.

We were impressed with the build and sound quality – easily comparible with rival high-end Bluetooth speakers Jawbone’s Jambox.

Braven have released the Six Series, with great sound and amazing high-capacity power banks for persistent portable power. And alliteration apparently. One of my favourite things about Braven is its ability to charge your phone whilst you play music. That’s some serious battery prowess.

Like most high-end bluetooth speakers there’ss a high-grade integrated duplex microphone so you can take your Skype and FaceTime game up a notch, vocally.

The set we listened to impressed us with their custom-designed speaker drivers, with brilliant performance a low and high volume, sans distortion. You can also daisy chain two or more BRAVENs together for an even bigger sound.

BRAVEN 600 – available in red or dark grey – £129.99
Up to 12 hours playtime

BRAVEN 625s – available in black/grey or green/grey (online exclusive) – £149.99
Shock-resistant sports design, complete with waterproof bag and USB LED torch
Up to 16 hours playtime

BRAVEN 650 – luxury silver finish; aircraft-grade aluminium – £159.99
Supports higher-quality aptX Bluetooth
Up to 20 hours playtime