Your keyboard is filthy. Look at it. I’m not a germaphobe by any stretch of the imagination but thinking about all the hair, food crumbs and dead skin lodged in my old office keyboards was stomach churning.

Fortunatley for me I changed jobs, have access to my own keyboard which I clean on a regular basis (free tip – don’t eat crisps and biscuits over your keyboard. It’s revolting). But I was delighted to see Logitech’s new Washable Keyboard K310.

Drainage holes at the back of the keyboard mean it dries easily and the key characters are laser printed and UV-coated to help ensure the letters don’t fade in the wash. You can also happily spill tea, coffee or freshly squeezed orange juice without inducing heart-stopping levels of panic. Everything will be perfect from now on.

Expected in October, for £34.99 from