Of all the things from “the past” that people would miss, I never imagined a landline phone would be one of them. However, even a weary cynic such as myself can see the appeal of the

Swissvoice BH01u and BH01i, incredibly stylish bluetooth stations for use with mobiles, tablets and traditional computers

Both units can connect with up to two Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. There’s also an auto-connect feature, so the last mobile phone to pair with the unit, will automatically pair when it’s in range. Both units also have access to Siri so you can schedule appointments, set timers and send simple texts with relative ease.

The microphone within the handset incorporates “HD Voice” for full-duplex conversation and background noise reduction. The handset can also be charged independently to become a stylish, functional and portable handset and speaker set when on the move.

The BH01u and BH01i both contain two high-definition, two-watt stereo speakers, so you can wirelessly stream music or podcasts. You can also use the handset as a loud speaker for conference calls if you want a particularly cutting edge board room.

If that wasn’t enough, the BH01i station contains a retractable iPhone dock so you can charge your phone or have a video calling stand.

The BH01i is available for £149.99 RRP and the BH01u is available for £129.99.i