If like Chris Hardwick, author of the Geek how to book “The Nerdist Way” you’re constantly having to prove your nerd credentials, Red5 have brought out the Keypad Watch, a retro style garment that will settle the arguement once and for all.

Want to find out the time? Of course you do. It’s arguably why you bought a watch in the first place. Simply hit any of the number keys and the time will flash up in sequence – 13:37 would flash 1, then 3, then 3 and finally 7. And sort of spell out l33t. Hit the # key if you want to find the date.

The one-size-fits-all watch comes in two colours, Amiga 500 white and a ZX Spectrum matte black.

Wearing the Keypad Watch around town expect to be asked “Where did you get that watch”, “How does it tell the time” and “Why … no seriously Why?”

Keypad Watch is available to purchase now for £59.95 from RED5.co.uk.