We like to stay healthy over at Twin Geeks and we took a trip down to see Homedic’s range of health gadgets.


I give a lousy backrub. I’m literally terrible and it’s a long standing complaint from all those who demand backrubs from me. Fortunately, fancy state of the art technology means I don’t have to be. I tried the Shiatsu Max Back Cushion which is highly customisable with various rolling and spot mechanisms. Once you’ve got it set up to comfortably match your shape and size you and sink in and let it get to work. It’s weird letting what is essentially a robot go to town on your back and thighs, but when the robot has special heat settings and really knows what it’s doing it’s very hard to argue.
Out now for £259.99

If that’s a little too high-end for you there’s also Shiastsu Foot Cocoon Massager. Styled like a giant fluffy sock that you can pop both your feet into, the Cocoon massager gives deep, kneading dual Shiatsu massages with an added heat function.
Out now for £89.99

The Quad Mini Massager looks like a pair of holistic brass knuckles and is designed to give intense, stress-reliving massages. Powered by just 3 x AAA batteries, the Quad Mini Massager pops into most bags so muscle relief is always close to hand.
Out now for £9.99

Apparently, whilst I was looking the other way the future happened and they invented medical tricoders. Or the beta version at least. The Homedics iHeal is strapped or stuck to wounded parts of you body and claims to reduce the healing time of soft tissue injuries by up to 30%. The iHeal works by sending a steady stream of pulsed electro-magnetic field waves to the affected areas, which enlarge the capillaries bringing more blood to where it is needed and speeding up the cell metabolic rate. Or so it says. Unfortunately (fortunately) I’m only emotionally damaged at the moment so wasn’t able to fully test the iHeals capabilities.
Out now for £49.99

Not happy with making you feel warm and fuzzy, Homedics have branched out into affordable bluetooth boomboxes. Avaliable from September the HDMX Jam will be in red, blue, grey, green and purple and comes in a really interesting looking jam jar style container. Everything you expect is there, with wireless connectivity from up to 30 ft, a 3.5 mm jack for wired connections and a built-in rechargeable battery that provides 4 hours of BlueTooth playback.
The HMDX Jam will be out September priced £39.99.