Do you spend a lot of time thinking about where your money goes? I’m talking literally here. How much time do you spend thinking about your wallet?

The Mighty Wallets are an extremely cool range of Tyvex Mighty Wallets. Tyvex is an extremely strong tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable and recyclable material created by spinning thousands of interlocking plastic fibres in random patterns making it incredibly strong and impossible to tear. Try saying that out loud and not feeling geeky.

The Might Wallets have no stitches so “expand” to accomodate whatever you need to pop in your pocket. The wallets also age so after a few months aquire a nice worn down vintage feel (I’ve had one for a year and it looks almost haggared with tales of retail price wars past). Sadly they carry no coins but are great for notes, cards and random scraps of paper.

Yours from Red5 for £9.95