The Native Instruments MASCHINE is my favourite beatmaking tool and is maybe my third favourite instrument after the pandeiro and berimbau. So I was delighted to hear that an update is on the way. Normally hardware updates bum me out as I’m stuck with the older version of the software. Fortunately Native Instruments have done existing users a solid and provide them with lots of great new software features in the upcoming 1.8 update to their software. They’ve also thrown in dangerously powerful bass cannon that is MASSIVE as a free software plugin to existing owners. The new hardware features backlit multicoloured pads, redesigned displays and click action buttons. And much much more.

Finger-drumming virtuoso Jeremy Ellis is showing off some of the features in the above video.

The new MASCHINE generation, including the accessories, will be available from October 1, 2012. All items can be pre-ordered immediately.

MASCHINE $669/ 599 EUR / 62.800 ¥
MASCHINE MIKRO $399 / 349 EUR / 36.800 ¥
MASCHINE CUSTOM KITS $79 / 69 EUR / 7.800 ¥
MASCHINE STAND $79 / 69 EUR / 7.800 ¥