Who doesn’t wanna listen to music and look good simultaneously? Eager to get in on some of that Beats by Dre cash that’s flying around, Panasonic have announced the launch of the HX35s – light weight and design conscious headphones (although they clearly need to work on a catchier name).

The HX35s will be available in white, black, red, blue and purple. The minimal post modern design really stands out and apparently the 5 colours have been developed with inspiration taken from 19th century traditional Japanese drawing, Ukiyo-e (the floating world – buy me a tea and I’ll bore your with facts about Ukiyo-e one day.

However, the HX35s don’t just look pretty – there’s a practical element to their design. Panasonic has adapted the closed type soft ear pad, which improves noise isolation from outside, as well as ensuring they are light weight and portable.

The HX35s launch in January 2012