I’m a pretty hardcore nerd and even I’ve never quite understood the queuing for launches mentality. I went with Nick Street to the launch of Zelda 64 in Croydon way way back and even then waiting till 12 am to buy a video game seemed silly.

But pushing practical considerations to one side, I went down to observe the iPhone 5 launch this morning and was pleasantly surprised. Yes these people are nerds who lack perspective (I say this as a nerd lacking in perspective). Yes you can order online and have an iPhone delivered to your desk (mine should be with me in hours). But there is a wonderful sense of community and occasion down at Regent’s Street this morning. Apple Genius Bar employees lined the street clapping, high fiving and whooping at the faithful. Journalists pushed and shoved to get photos and video. It’s totally meaningless. But it’s also a big deal for these guys – in a fun way.


p>Will I join them? Never. Will I continue to ridicule their antics? Only a little.

And the phone itself? Here’s an ifixit teardown and review