Airplay is one of the best glimpses I have in to the brave new world of wireless entertainment. I literally just press a button and “boom” my photo/audio/video is playing through the big screen ready to share with a wider audience. Sure I’m alone because I keep saying “boom” but with seamless streaming technology like that who needs friends. “Boom”.

But Airplay isn’t yet ubiquitous (I’ve been seeing that word all over the place), and you’d be a fool to rush out and upgrade your amazing home cinema set just to add streaming – no matter how well it integrates with your smartphones and tablets.

The new DS-A5 iPod/iPhone/iPad Dock, adds AirPlay functionality to Onkyo A/V receiver models and even non-Onkyo AV units. With a DS-A5, owners of current-model Onkyo A/V receivers – as well as older models lacking a USB port or an ethernet connection – can enjoy all the benefits of AirPlay wireless streaming as well as a secure digital-to-digital docking connection to iOS devices (analogue stereo audio outputs are also provided). AirPlay also enables high fidelity wireless streaming of audio files from iTunes-equipped personal computers.

Of course you will need an adaptor to work with the iPhone 5’s Lightening Dock Connector. You have no idea how many times I’ve written that this past month. Ah well.

Onkyo DS-A5 iPod/iPhone/iPad Dock – £150, available now.