Geek: Elegant mapping, text to speech function, free
Weak: Slow, not the smartest around
Price: Free
Rating: 2.5/5
Contact: Telmap

Available for BlackBerry and a selection of other platforms, Telmap Navigtor is a new, free sat nav application. First impressions aren’t great because it’s slow, slow, slow. Just loading the app takes an age, so long in fact that at one point I thought it had crashed, and planning a route is equally slow. And once it has planned a route for you double check it because it’s not the smartest of sat nav applications, offering me some strange route choices that were not the best options. The voice is quite domineering and shouty and be sure to set everything up just so before you head out as attempting to change options and settings on the move is far from intuitive and rather fiddly.
I couldn’t find fault with the mapping though – the graphics are crisp and clean and wonderfully clear, making it easy to follow your route and the road information at the top of the screen was nice and large and easy to read. Most of all I love the text to speech function, which actually reads out the names of the roads that it wants you to turn into. It’s a welcome addition and makes navigating that much easier. Don’t expect much more in the way of features, though, as Telmap Navigator feels rather sparse and the information presented at the bottom of the screen (speed and distance remaining) was rather hard to read. I also experienced a crash, on the sat nav luckily and not in my car, the application quitting without warning, though luckily I was only planning a route at the time.
While it looks smart and the navigation is very good, especially the text to speech function, the Telmap Navigator application didn’t leave me particularly impressed. However, it manages to salvage the situation because it’s free, and taking the lack of price into account, you could do a lot worse. Download it and give it a try – you might like it and at the end of the day you’ve got nothing to lose.