Price: Free
Rating: 4/5
Contact: Super Solid
Available from: iTunes

What’s better than regular penguins? Why, super penguins of course! Super Penguins for iOS and Android is a fun, 3D endless running game (there seems to be a lot of these around) offers up the sort of chunky, cutesy cartoon visuals that will appeal to kids with the sort of fun, challenging, just-one-more-go gameplay that will appeal to big kids of all ages.
 You play a penguin and all you have to do is run and collect fish, which can be used to purchase power-ups as well as unlocking fun new characters to play with, and the controls couldn’t be simpler – tilt left and right to move your penguin and tap the screen to jump. Run into rocks or fail to make a jump, and it’s run over, but bump into one of the naughty baby octopi (there’s a penguins vs. octopus feud running throughout the game) and your screen will be covered in ink, allowing you to keep running but making it harder to dodge obstacles until the ink clears. Rescue kidnapped penguins along the way to activate power ups such as a fish bonus, rocket ride or freaky unstoppable giant mutant penguin mode and collect as many fish as you can along the way. Simple. The chunky graphics make the look reminiscent of titles on the Nintendo 64, no bad thing, and the dynamic levels keep you guessing and provide a new challenge each time. As well as the aforementioned octopi and rocks you’ll also have to deal with giant anchors crashing down from the sky and icicles slamming down from above, keeping you on your toes at all times. The game looks great, with animated water either side of the stage, killer whales leaping overhead and bouncing octopi and the soundtrack is suitably fun. Some endless running games are definitely better than others, and Super Penguins has the honour of easily being one of the best. Ultimately, it’s not going to keep you playing for a long time and the endless running genre won’t appeal to everyone, but I guarantee you’ll come back to it when you have five minutes spare, five minutes that will quickly become half an hour. And for free, you really can’t complain. Super Penguins is a super game.