AirPlay has been poised to be the “next big thing” for some time now, and though the push button simplicity of the technology is pretty amazing it has yet to see wide-spread adoption. The useful-yet-annoying transition to Lightning adaptors on the iPhone 5 is sure to speed up the transition to various wireless audio protocols and we’re already seeing a rash of interesting new boomboxes hitting the market.

“We wanted to design a speaker that makes high-end sound portable and truly wireless. Similar to a pair of headphones, Libratone Zipp follows you wherever you go – around the house, to work, in the park or on holiday. PlayDirect technology makes Libratone Zipp a wireless, out of the box product – setting your music free has never been this easy!”

Tommy Andersen, CEO of Libratone.

Libratone have always lived on the crossroads between style and technology and their latest offering the Zipp is no different. A portable AirPlay speaker, the Libratone Zipp is innovative in that it removes all the initial hassle of setting up an AirPlay network or needing a WiFi network around thanks to Libratone’s all-new PlayDirect™ technology.

The battery powered Zipp provides up to eight hours of playtime wired and up to four hours using the wireless connection. They also feature Libratone’s FullRoom technology so there’s a 360-degree sweet spot. On the style side of things, the Zipp is avaliable in eight colourful and changeable wool covers.

Libratone Zipp dressed in Salty Grey or Raspberry Red is sold exclusively at Apple Stores and Apple Online from October 2012 and retails at £329.99