There are few things I like banging on about more than comedy podcasts. I could bore most comedy podcasters about it. There are many, many great shows happening at the moment and I will probably go a post outlining as many as possible.

One that is a near constant delight is the Thrilling Adventure Hour written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker. You might know Ben Blacker from the amazing Nerdist Writer’s Panel podcast.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour is a podcast recorded in front of live studio audience and written in the style of old-timey radio plays. But it’s a lot cleverer than that and is home to some great writing, strong characterisation and some of the catchiest theme tunes this side of Comedy Bang Bang.

Recorded at Largo at the Coronet, each live performance has featured three genre stories brought to life by The WorkJuice Players, a regular cast of multi-talented actors and comedians such as Paul F. Tompkins (Best Week Ever), Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds), Busy Philipps (Freaks & Geeks), James Urbaniak (Venture Bros) and John DiMaggio (Futurama).

The Thrilling Adventure Hour are branching out in to other media and like all good ventures have taken to Kickstarter, like to ducks to wherever ducks go to for venture capital (or indeed seed money).

The team hope to put together a graphic novel, a web series, CDs and much more. As an artist and a fan it’s exciting to see content creators take more control of their output – even if it means having to use phrases like “content creators”.

For more info check the video or hit the link