Price: £1295

As I keep saying, I live in the trendy part of East London, where nary a brake nor a gear can be seen, so prevalant are fixed-gear bicycles. Embodying the fixed-gear low-maintenance aesthetic (or arguably taking it to new highs) is the Schindlehauer Viktor, which features a Gates Carbon Drive belt, taking low-maintenance down to no-maintenance. As someone who has had filthy, bike chain grease-ridden hands for much of his adult life, Carbon Drive belts are an amazing innovation.

The Schindlehauer Viktor is sold through Bike Republic, who let me and a few other bloggers ride them around Soho to get a feel for them. Lightweight (it’s only 8.2 kh) and classy, the Schindlehauer Viktor is a beauty – although at £1295 it should be.

Available now from for £1,495