Meccano is being brought back up to date with the company’s latest tie-in with a number of major video game developers, turning the virtual into the tangible. The new triumvirate of tie-ins brings the unique building components of Meccano together with the worlds of Sonic The Hedgehog, the Raving Rabbids and Gears of War, allowing kids of all ages to enjoy their favourite video games characters in the real world.

The Sonic range is aimed at the younger kids, with no less than five products available, based on the Sega All Star Racing game. The sets are easy to build, with large, plastic components, simple tools and bright colours that mirror the virtual world of Sonic and his pals. Children can have hours of fun building and playing with Sonic and his Speed Star car (£14.99), which features pull-back motor, stickers and even a bonus emerald, or they can ride with Knuckles in his Land Breaker. The Sonic & Green Hill Ramp Playset (£24.99) brings a slice of Sonic’s world to life, allowing children to build Sonic and his car and then the stunt ramp before recreating all the thrills and spills of the video game for real.

The Sonic & Casino Street Playset (£39.99) features over 100 parts and captures the feel of the video game level perfectly and features a number of different layouts that can be built, offering children a challenge and hours of fun. Finally, there’s the Sonic & Knuckles Chemical Plant Racing Playset (£69.99), which lets you pit Sonic and Knuckles head-to-head on a tight, twisting circuit. The set comes complete with both Sonic and Knuckles on their respective machines and features ramps, shortcuts and several different combinations to build. Best of all, the Meccano Sonic sets can be combined, allowing children to let their imagination run wild as they build even bigger, more amazing and more entertaining combinations.

Teaming up with the Raving Rabbids was a brave decision as the lunatic bunnies cause chaos wherever they go. The wild and wacky world of the Rabbids has been captured perfectly in this range of sets, which feature more traditional metal construction and tools and are aimed at slightly older children. There’s the Crazy Toilet (£24.99), which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. This motorised toilet will send any unsuspecting Rabbid off on a wild ride with a pull of the flush and comes with some wacky stickers.

You can also take your Rabbids racing with the Racing Trolley (£19.99), a shopping trolley built for speed that comes complete with a ramp and a set of cones. The Infernal Catapault (£29.99) will launch your Rabbids through the air with the greatest of ease – either aim for the target and score points or just see how far you can fling them. And finally there’s the Time washing Machine – a time travelling washing machine, naturally. While you shouldn’t expect any actual time travelling, you can enjoy the sight of your Rabbid being taken for a spin by the electric motor on board.

And now, we get to the best tie-in range of all, the Gears of War sets. Aimed at kids aged 8 years and up, these four sets will be familiar to anyone who’s a fan of the GoW universe, and brings your favourite vehicles to life in superb detail. Combining plastic components and metal tools, the range starts with the Armadillo APC (£24.99), which you can expect a video review of very soon. This rugged, six-wheel, all-terrain vehicle comes bristling with guns along with two figures and three weapons. The Centaur Tank (£34.99) rides on four giant, monster truck-style tyres and comes with two of Delta Squad’s heroic foot soldiers and two evil Locust Drones. You’ll have fun building it and then you’ll have fun crushing the enemy or blowing them away with its massive turret. The awesome-looking King Raven (£39.99) is probably our pick of the bunch. This huge assault helicopter is made up of over 300 parts and features twin rotating blades, two hinged opening doors in the fuselage, on board machine guns and a realistic, functioning undercarriage. It comes complete with four GoW figures – two Delta Squad soldiers and two evil Locust enemy fighters along with six authentic weapons from the game. Finally, there’s the Locusts vs Delta Squad Battleset (£59.99). This comes complete with an Armadillo APC, a raised walkway joining two watchtowers, along with fuel tanks and packing cases that combine to create a realistic battleground for your GoW troops and their Locust enemies, with no less than six figures and eight weapons included. Let battle commence!

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