Lekiosk newsstand app
Geek: Fantastic interactive 3D presentation; huge selection of titles; £10 bundle superb value
Weak: Not all titles available in bundle
Score: 4.5/5
Available from iTunes

If you’re still not sold on the idea of digital publications, you need to get yourself an iPad, because they were made for each other, and then you want to download Lekiosk, because this free app is far and away the slickest, most attractive and most intuitive digital publication store that I have come across. Lekiosk was founded in 2007, there have been over half a million downloads of the app since it was made available in January of 2011 and it puts more than 90 magazines covering just about every subject imaginable right at your fingertips. All the major magazines are on board, along with a number of niche titles, and what really makes Le Kiosk stand out is the presentation. A beautifully rendered 3D newsstand is your gateway to the magazines on offer and a swipe of the screen rotates the whole newsstand to show you the next side, with each side displaying a different selection of different titles grouped by area of interest. While it might sound like a gimmick, everyone, without fail, absolutely fell in love with the 3D newsstand and little touches like the London Eye in the background, the British postbox, the London Underground stickers all combine to make it feel special and make you want to play with it.On each of the kiosk’s sides the magazines are laid out like they would on a real newsstand, and you can scroll through the ones on the top two shelves and click on the other static covers. Alternatively, you can bring up a more traditional menu system that allows you to see all the magazines available in that area of interest and samples are available so you can get a taste of the magazines before you buy.

Possibly the biggest selling point of the app, is the £10 magazine bundle. This lets you choose 10 different magazines each month for just £10, which is incredible value for money. There’s no contract, you can cancel whenever you want and you can chop and change magazines as you see fit, picking and choosing what you fancy each month. The only negative is that not all of the titles are available as part of this bundle, but that’s not Lekiosk’s fault there’s still a good selection and you’re certain to find 10 that you like with ease. Th only other downside is that while the range of titles is huge, as I mentioned, it’s a shame that after the wonderful presentation of the app many of the magazines don’t put more effort into their digital editions and produce little more than static pages for you to flick through, but that’s the fault of the publishing companies, not Lekiosk. But, minor negatives aside, Lekiosk is absolutely stunning and I can’t recommend it highly enough if you love your digital publications.

Verdict: A stunning front end leads you to a huge selection of titles and the £10 bundle is amazing value. Lekiosk is virtually flawless.