We’ve looked at a lot of iPhone 5 cases since Apples latest glass and aluminum slab hit our pockets (both literally and figuratively) a month or so ago. It’s a hard line to walk – the iPhone 5 is a great phone to hold and feel so it’s a shame to obsfucate that with an overly protective swaddling cloth. But at the same time it’s £700 of precision engineering that could be destroyed at a moments notice. So a modicum of caution is welcome.

Speck sent us a FabShell Burton case and it’s easily one of my favourites (neck and neck with a lovely case from Cygnett).
The soft touch fabric designs remind me of the Speck Out of Print range of cases that were my case of choice for my iPhone 4S.

The case is produced in collaboration with Burton (the snowboard people not the menswear or Edward Scissorhands people) and matches the teams 2013 apparel line. This means nothing to me but if you’re a snowboard junkie you’re probably psyched or stoked or some such to hear this.

The case had a rigid outshell so it’s quite protective but the fabric case is really delightful to touch – I can’t stress how often I found myself casually rubbing the back and smiling. I also can’t stress how odd this looks to all and sundry. The case has reinforced sides, extra strength walls and shock-absorbing rubbery edges with a raised bezel to keep the screen safe. Rubberized covers shield buttons, which I’m not so hot on – you need a slightly firmer click to activate the power button, but that’s a minor quibble amongst strong praise.

The FabShell case is out now from Speck