Seen kids in your ‘hood rollin’ ’round on two wheels like they own the streets? Feeling like less of a man/woman as a result? Well fear inadequacy no more with the SwiftyONE adult scooter from Swifty Scooters. Lay the two-wheeled smackdown in style with the world’s first adult folding kick scooter, designed for humans of both genders aged 18-50 (no more, no less…), with smooth and fast locomotion guaranteed (leg muscle size dependent, mind). At just 7.5kg, the SwiftyONE is light and easy to carry, comes in either matt black or cool white and has fully adjustable handlebars, so even the tallest of scooterers can scoot in comfort. And as an added, patriotic bonus, the SwiftyONE is manufactured in Manchester and assembled in Salford. The SwiftyONE costs £450 and you can buy it here