Slowly throwing away all your old iOS accessories to make way for your iPhone 5, iPad Mini or iPad 4? Griffin are happy to sell you all new cables for your shiny devices have announced the availability of PowerJolt SE, their first Lightning accessory for Apple’s new 8-pin dock connector.

“With the Lightning connector, a smaller, reversible and faster connection for new iOS devices, Apple continues to break the mold with innovative technologies. Our PowerJolt SE provides the convenience of on-the-go power to the millions of new iOS device users around the world who have been anxiously awaiting this solution.”

Griffin’s new PowerJolt SE is the first available product in Griffin’s new line of Lightning accessories. At £19.99 it’s not much more than a regular cable and lets you juice your devices on the go.

The PowerJolt SE sports a low-profile 12 volt accessory outlet and a powerful 10 watt charging circuit and has durable coiled cable that stretches up to 4 feet and an LED power indicator light glows white when the PowerJolt SE is properly connected and ready to charge. With its built-in, self-resetting SmartFuse, PowerJolt SE guards against power fluctuations as it charges.

Griffin’s new PowerJolt SE with Lightning connector will be available soon. For more information visit