Broadway 2T
Price: £170
Contact: Hauppauge

Geek: Compact; clever; wireless TV throughout your house and around the world
Weak: Not exactly stylish; a little fiddly to set up
Score: 4.5/5

I wager that fighting over the remote control must be one of the number causes of arguments at home. It’s bad enough when there are just two of you, but throw some kids into the mix and you’ve got potential for disaster. But with the Broadway 2T, domestic bliss could be right around the corner.

In a nutshell the 2T takes whatever TV signal you feed it and then beams it throughout the house, wirelessly. Then all you need is an Apple or Android device and you can watch TV wherever in the house you may be. Clever. Set up is a little fiddly as you need to give the 2T, itself a compact if slightly aesthetically challenged box, power, a wired internet connection (at least initially) and a TV signal. If you don’t want to use the aerial cable that comes into your house, you can instead use the supplied interior mini antenna, though obviously the outdoor sort attached your house will do a better job. Once you’ve connected up its umbilical cords, you simply head over to the site to set things up and as long as you’ve got an internet connection and a device that can take you online, you don’t even need a PC. Smart.

So, once you’re set up and ready to go you can go ahead and start enjoying TV streaming on your mobile device, with dual stream allowing two different broadcasts to be watched at the same time. But there’s so much more to it than that. Stick a USB hard drive or flash drive in the Broadway and you can record TV straight onto it and watch it back later. Or, via the power of the internet, stream TV from home wherever you may be in the world or watch what you recorded earlier. Now tell me that’s not impressive. And of course you can also watch TV on your PC should you so wish, or if you’re feeling like a Bond villain you can even watch two different programmes in two different windows on one device, so the Broadway really has all bases covered. And there’s still more, such as the unit’s ability to learn the commands of the remote control for your set-top box, allowing you to change channels via the Broadway. It’s nothing if not comprehensive.

The fact that someone can come to your house, hop on your Wi-Fi with their phone or tablet and then watch whatever TV they want is, in a word, brilliant. Guests, family members or even you when you’re in bed are all catered for. The Broadway 2T is a fantastic piece of kit if you’ve got people in your house who want to be able to watch whatever TV they want and the fact that it’s a one-box solution, with no extra aerials required, is the the icing on the cake.

Verdict: It may not be beautiful but there’s no better or easier way to let everyone in your household control their own little slice of TV heaven. The added recording function plus the ability to watch TV from home wherever in the world you may be are the icing on the cake. Telly addicts, here is your new drug.