If like me you can’t bear to see people in parties awkwardly bending their arms to take badly composed photos of themselves then you’ll be delighted to hear that Samsung have unveiled their latest in their 2View range – the DV300F. The DV300F packs 16 Megapixels, 5x optical zoom and most excitingly a 25mm wide-angle lens.


Smartphone photography is amazing as it enables you to share your pictures pretty much instantly. The DV300F is the first 2View model to offer Wi-Fi enabled technology, enabling users to email images or upload them direct to Facebook, Picasa, Photobucket and YouTube. Users can also save their images onto the camera’s microSD memory card, which can then be wirelessly connected to the home PC and downloaded instantly to share and enjoy. Alternatively, they can also take advantage of integrated free storage space from Samsung’s AllShare Play and Microsoft SkyDrive to make their photo accessible anywhere.

Smartphones also have a wide variety of apps that let you play with your pictures straight away. Split Shot lets merge up to three different images. Additionally, pictures from other cameras can be imported. With the Funny Face mode you can also add goofy grins, comical noses or even crazy eyes to shots of friends and family in eight different modes. But don’t ever, ever email one to me. There’s an Artistic Brush feature that can instantly take a portrait or landscape shot or even a movie clip and transform it into a black and white or a colour sketch. Also pretty cool is Motion Photo, so that you can freeze time around a moving subject for a really dramatic effect to your pictures, such as capturing a friend jumping in the park while keeping everyone else around them still.