Edifier Spinnaker Bluetooth speaker system
Price: £329.99
Contact: Edifier

Geek: Everything
Weak: Nothing
Score: 5/5

I don’t like to award a perfect score to often, if at all. That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of things – games, gadgets, impressive tech – that deserve full marks but I like to reserve a perfect 5 for those that are truly exceptional, otherwise the score starts to lose meaning. For something to come away with top marks and a standing ovation from me, it needs to be truly special and the Edifier Spinnaker Bluetooth speaker system are exactly that.
The Spinnaker never misses an opportunity to wow and from start to finish, the experience is never anything less than breathtaking. Take the design, for example. The speakers take their name from a type of sail, and share their appearance with their nautical namesake, the tall, tapering bodies swept back as if catching a strong wind. But it’s not just for show – The shape of the Spinnaker has been designed to project sound towards the listener. The speakers are covered in fabric from top to bottom, such as one would find covering a speaker grille, and one has a tiny LED in its tip, that glows red when the speakers are turned on and blue when a Bluetooth is connected. Each speaker houses a 19mm front-facing silk dome tweeter, 65mm mid-range driver and a downward-firing 100m subwoofer and each speaker is fully active and tri-amped as well as incorporating DSP with separate si-channel digital crossover. Those are some impressive stats and they make for some impressive sound.
With three drivers on board, the Spinnaker has most frequencies covered and the result is a wonderfully balanced, rich sound that brings out every element of any chosen piece of music, letting every subtle part of the whole rise to the top without becoming overwhelming and drowning out the rest of the composition. High frequencies sing, the mid-range s complex and beautifully realised while the bass is rich and deep, powerful but not overbearing. From the delicate subtleties of a classical piece, the energetic punch of a pop song, the jagged edge of a metal track or the pounding bass of a hip hop beat, the Spinnaker feels absolutely in its element no matter what music you throw at it and how great the demands you place on it. It goes loud, too, comfortably filling a room with sound without breaking a sweat and the wireless remote if a touch of genius. A small aluminium dome with a rubber base, it has a range of 10 metres and only uses up its internal battery reserves when you use it, so once fully charged it will last for an age. Select tracks, adjust the volume, play and pause music all through the rotary action and single rubber button on the top – it’s simplicity itself. The Spinnaker system also boasts both optical and auxiliary inputs and the ability to connect an external subwoofer should your hunger for bass remain unsated. Unlikely as that may be.
The stunning, elegant design of the Spinnaker system will fit perfectly in any modern, stylish home and the sound that it produces is truly exceptional but most impressive of all is not the fact that the Spinnaker is an exceptional Bluetooth speaker system, it is an exceptional piece of home audio, full stop.

Verdict: A flawless performance on every level. The Edifier Spinnaker is one of the finest BlueTooth speaker systems money can buy and a stunning piece of home audio. Simply wonderful.