Audiophile? Well both you and your goatee should be pleased about the launch of the TEAC Reference 501 series, a separates-based mini component hi-fi system. The pick and mix system compises four £699 units hewn, (yes hewn) from top spec materials. Each of the four components is constructed from uncommonly weighty solid aluminium panels attached to a thick steel chassis. The retro design has large, easy to grip friction-damped controls, positive acting buttons and solid metal toggles, yet the system is happy to play with modern era digital audio.

AI-501DA 90w per channel Integrated Amplifier with DAC

UD-501 Dual Mono DSD-compatible Digital-to-Analogue Converter

PD-501HR DSD-compatible CD Player

HA-501 Dual Mono, Class-A Headphone Amplifier

Each component will cost £699 and is available now.