I love home automation and any steps to “futurise” our houses. I know “futurise” isn’t a word. But it will be. Belkin are dipping their toes into these waters with their new WeMo Light Switch – part of their WeMo platform of simple WiFi-based home control products.

The WeMo Light Switch replaces an existing light switch and connects into your home’s electrical wiring. Once in place, you can turn a full bank of lights on and off from anywhere, put them on a schedule, or use other WeMo or online triggers to control them through a smartphone or tablet. The WeMo Light Switch is controlled via the same WeMo App as the WeMo Switch and Motion, conveniently keeping track on all your plugged in devices from one location.

You need a little bit of DIY to install as you have to turn off the electricity to the circuit and remove your existing switch – but I’m reliably informed by DIY people that this is easy enough to do.

The WeMo Light Switch will be available in summer 2013.