Lynx are hoping their new advertising campaign takes off. Literally. The brand invited us to deepest darkest south London last night to witness the (product) launch of the Lynx Space Academy.

Lynx is giving one lucky individual the chance to win a trip to space. They even got Buzz Aldrin (on tape) to detail the competition.

Winners will be flying in the Lynx SXC space shuttle – an exact replica of which was wheeled in to wow us. If you’re shopping in Westfield White City of the next few days you’ll get a chance to be wowed by the 1.5 tonne shuttle too – it’s the width of 3 double decker buses so you’d be hard pressed to miss it.

To be in with a chance of winning you simply have to fill in a profile and say why you deserve to go into space. Likely candidates will then go on a training weekend and the four best will then be sent to Space Camp in Florida.

If this sounds up your alley (going to space!) then head to LynxApollo.

If you simply want to smell out of this world (smooth segue!) then you can pick up the new Lynx Apollo range of body sprays, gels and deodorants that should be in stores now.