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Who doesn’t love winning awards? Edifier, makes of USB powered boom boxes have just been awarded a CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award for their brand new product, the ‘Spinnaker’ speaker system.

And why not? Who doesn’t want two giant black fangs pointing at them blaring sub-bass. The Spinnaker is 15 inches of fun, designed to project sound towards the end user with front facing tweeter and mid-range drivers, reinforced with a downward firing subwoofer in each satellite to make this 2.0 speaker system something to write home about. If your mother is a home audio enthusiast.

The Spinnaker is also Bluetooth enabled, making it a versatile product for home and office, free of the restraints of cables and applicable to pair with any Bluetooth enabled device. A wireless infrared remote controls the volume, track navigation and play/pause preferences within a 10-meter radius.

To receive yet another prestigious award is a great honor for Edifier. The consumer electronics market is highly competitive and volatile, the award further strengthens the Edifier brand and our presence in the industry” said Managing Director, Anthony Wilkinson of Edifier International Ltd.