Bluetooth speakers are figuratively everywhere and the post CES
landscape will see countless on the market. However, like its Damson
predecessors, the Cisor and the Twist, the new
Damson Pearl shakes things up a bit, using an innovative resonating
‘Incisor Diffusion Technology’ that turns the surface it is sitting on
into a de facto speaker.

For a bit of added clout, Damson has added an extra, conventional
speaker driver so you should get even more musical drive and midrange

Pearl also has a 3.5mm audio input for wired connection, and a 3.5mm
output allowing you to daisy chain two or more Pearls into a Pearl
Necklace. You can keep the party going with high-quality wireless
audio for four hours, or nine hours with a wired connection.

Out now for £99.99 from Damson Audio