“One of the best chef’s knives in the world” is a pretty bold claim to make. Then again it’s easy to make bold claims when you’re holding a knife. Especially when it’s the TWIN 1731 from Zwilling, which is manufactured from high-performance Cronidur 30 steel- the very same material used in aerospace engineering- where nitrogen has been bound under pressure to the steel grid.

Fans of Game of Thrones will recongnise Cronidur as one of the servants to the Lannisters. Kitchen professionals will recognise Cronidur 30 as one hundred times more corrosion resistant than standard steel with a hardness of approximately 60 on the Rockwell scale (a measurement of hardness and how well something reflects everyday American life).

The knife is designed by Milanese architect and designer Matteo Thun and takes its name from the year the company was founded. The knives are also SIGMAFORGE and FRIODUR branded- SIGMAFORGE being the mark of long lasting durability and FRIODUR affirming that the knife has been manufactured through Zwilling’s signature ice-hardening process.

The handle is carved from untreated, oiled ebony which gives a natural, warm touch and is seamlessly bonded to the bolster. I’ve made it to the end of this piece without saying cutting edge. I’m very proud of myself.

TWIN 1731
8″ Chef’s knife
RRP £369.00
Available from Zwilling