Price: £59.99


Unless you are a hardcore PC gamer or tech journalist you probably don’t give too much thought to your mouse – despite it being responsible for many of your input choices in your computing life. I ditched mine for a magic trackpad and Lion OS and haven’t looked back. Logitech however are trying to tempt me back with their exciting new Logitech Cube design, “redefining the way people interact with the digital world”.

How so? Well Logitech Cube uses touchscreen technology instead of old-fashioned buttons. This is not your grandfather’s mouse. If you want to manoeuvre around your screen simply swipe your finger. The smooth scrolling technology (courtesy of Logitech’s Flow Scroll software) makes using it akin to a smartphone.

Not cool enough? To transform the cube into a presenter, all you need to do is lift it in the air and moments later it’s in presenter mode. Clicking the top of the mouse advances to the next slide, and if you need to go back simply turn the mouse over in your hand and click again. The Logitech Cube wire free and portable so you can pop it into your pockets if you are that way inclined. Expect to see mouse-like bulges in people’s pockets across Europe from January 2012.