I still remember getting my first USB, ordered from the dark recessess of the internet and with a whopping 256MB of memory. I literally unveil it to a crowd of nerds in a Mile End pub and basked in their awkward glory.

How times have changed. The nerds are now all happily married bankers and it’s been a long time since 256MB has been good for anything. But USB keys are still objects of desire, which is good news as we have not 1, not 2, not 3, not 5 but 4 USB keys to give to 4 moderately lucky readers.

Kingston have been so kinds as to provide us with their DataTravellers and we have 1 X Elephant, 2 X Guitar and 1 X Caterpillar USBs for your delectation.

To win simply follow @TwinGeeksDotBiz on Twitter and @ message us to let us know your key of choice.