“Lugging around a bike lock is such a hassle, and forgetting one all together can be very frustrating. The InterLock™ is a great product for casual cyclists who often forget their lock and want to ride carefree.”

The InterLock is a bicycle seat post with an integrated lock that is also universal in
that it can be installed on virtually any bike. Solgaard Design, the creator of The InterLock™, launched the project on Kickstarter January 4, 2013 and set their funding goal to $48,000. It recently closed and met its funding target.

I like the Interlock in theory but have lived to long in bike theif hotspots to be comfortable using it. It only secures the chain leaving the wheels exposed to nefarious hands. And the cable that secures the bike is quite flimsy – more of a “I’d really rather you didn’t steal me” than a “forget about it”.

Still, the company have said it’s for casual cyclists not for pretentious riders of overpriced fixies (guilty as charged).

The InterLock will retail for about $50