Siro-A are a six piece performance group from Sendai who combine dance, comedy, projection technology, techno and outlandish haircuts. There’s also a fair bit of make up. They’re doing a fairly long run at the Leicester Square Theatre and I was invited to a press show to check out their unique performance style.

I’m a big fan of Japanese humour as I’ve sat through my fair share of Manzai shows and I love a good pun (if you do too I’d highly recommend Yakitate Japan! the most pun laden anime I’ve ever seen). So I was familiar with the light hearted audience interaction that kicks off the show. What I was not expecting was the Daft Punk style thumping light show that followed, especially at 7 pm in the Leicester Square Theatre.

There’s no denying that Siro-A are impressive – their mime and movement show mixed live with music and visuals is a celebration of precision and performance. Once things get underway there’s enough pace and variety to keep you engaged and it’s pitched as a light bit of family entertainment.

I found the show a bit lacking in substance – but this is primarily the result of seeing the amazing light projection work of Complicité’s Master and Margarita 3 weeks earlier that had left me on the verge of tears. And having just flown in from 2 weeks non-stop improvisational theatre at UCB New York. If you’re even slighly less pretentious you’re bound to have a great time.

Leicester Square Theatre from 1st Feb – 22nd April 2013.