If you’re the outdoorsy sort you’ll be all too aware that keeping warm at all times is essential, and Vango’s new range of winter sleeping bags have been designed to do just that. Available in Supernova and Viper flavours, these premium mountain sleeping bags are certain to keep even the worst weather at bay and boast an impressive array of features. The Supernova range, which starts from £77.50, has been designed to keep weight to a minimum whilst maximising body heat retention, with a Thermal Embrace system for greater comfort and insulation, a four-panel profiled hood and a water-resistant Polair RSN shell to help keep you dry. The Viper range, which starts from £135, includes all of the Supernova’s features but adds a 90/10 duck down filling, designed to maximise quality, comfort and durability. If you’re planning to sleep under the stars this winter, you can’t go wrong with one of these. Available from http://vango.co.uk