Geek: Impressive sense of speed; excellent graphics; longevity
Weak: Repetitive; unforgiving
Price: £0.69
Score: 4/5

As the name suggests, this is a ski-jumping game, so if you’re not a winter sports fan, you might as well go and read something. For the rest of us, Ski Jumping Pro offers a unique take on the ski-jump genre, of which there are plenty of games both past and present, and this is arguably the best I’ve played.


The big deal here is that the game uses a first-person perspective, and what that means is that, even on the relatively modest screen of an iPhone, it conveys a sense of speed when shooting down the in-run like never before. Speed blur and camera shake combine to make launching yourself down the incline a thrilling experience and changing winds make sure the actual jumping part is never less than a challenge. Actually that’s not strictly true, as the easier of the two difficulty settings makes the game rather simple, requiring nothing more than timing taps on the screen to launch yourself into the air and land safely. Opt for pro mode, however, and it’s all change as you are no required to tilt your phone or touch the screen to steady yourself whilst on the in-run, as well as in the air and the change in difficulty is marked.


The graphics are excellent, the sound effects good, commentary a nice touch and music minimal but pleasant. Career mode will take a long time to complete with a huge number of competitions to take part in, which is great, but truth be told it does get a little repetitive, especially if playing in easy mode, while repeated failed landing in pro mode will see you get frustrated and quit before you give it a chance. Persevere, however, and the delicate touch required to achieve perfect flight and the perfect landing will slowly come to you and you’ll find the game to be much more rewarding. And the ability to upgrade your skier, with equipment that ups his skill points both on the snow and in the air, as well as increasing his focus for the perfect approach, ensures you’ll be playing long into the summer and beyond.


Verdict: A little repetitive and both too easy and then too challenging, Ski Jumping Pro nevertheless impresses with its excellent graphics, sense of speed and vast replay value.