Geek: Excellent cell-shaded graphics; innovative level select; plenty to unlock; good fun
Weak: Hardly ground-breaking; online only
Price: £11.99 (Steam)
Score: 3.5/5
Contact: Special Forces Team X

If you haven’t yet had your fill of online, FPS games, here’s yet another one but there’s a twist – it’s a third person mutiplayer online shooter. Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

With no offline mode, Special Forces Team X is an online-only experience, so as long as your internet connection – and everybody’s else’s – is up to scratch, you’ll have a blast. Literally. We couldn’t find any lag-free games and our 8MB connection has never been a problem with any other online play, so that was a shame, but it wasn’t too bad and didn’t spoil the experience. You pick one of two pre-set loadouts as a rookie, both offering a slightly different arsenal, and more or less beard (that joke pops up from time to time), before diving into one of the five game modes that Special Forces Team X offers up, including Team Deathmatch, Hot Zone and High Value target, with each mode supporting up to 4 teams, a nice touch. What’s interesting is that each level is voted for by the various team members before the start of each match, each battlefield divided up into three zones and with over 100 different possible combinations, it helps to keep the game feeling fresh.


The graphics have a cell-shaded look about them and they’re good, really good, with a distinctive style, while the levels themselves have a wide range of environments to explore and plenty of scenery to hide behind, a big feature of the game. The over-the-shoulder perspective works really well here, allowing you to sneak a peek around corners without necessarily putting yourself in the line of fire, your invisible, floating camera buddy taking the hits and showing you what’s lurking up ahead. There’s a huge range of real-world weapons to choose from and upgrade, special abilities deploy and even attack dogs to set loose, with plenty of achievements and unlocks ensuring that you’ll want to keep playing.


There’s not really much wrong with Special Forces Team X, to be honest. What it does, it does well and puts a slightly different spin on the online shooter, with a number of interesting innovations that don’t feel like gimmicks. Sure, there are a million FPS games out there and a few third-person ones too, but if you’re not bored of multiplayer online shooters and fancy trying something a little different, Special Forces Team X is worth a go.

Verdict: It’s hardly ground breaking, but Special Forces Team X is a good looking online shooter that plays well and offers plenty of content to keep you coming back for more.